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Maid of Blue
(Soledad y el mar)

Soledad y el Mar (Maid of Blue) was conceived to be a part of a ballet inspired by the novel Il mare dietro la collina by Barbara Mastella. The piece is about a woman (Soledad) who lives by the ocean. Soledad believes, from an early age, that she is the "guardian of the sea". This piece depicts the time when the relationship between Soledad and the sea gets established.

The music describes three main events. In the first section, we hear the sea calling Soledad (English horn solo). She follows the call until she finds herself standing on the beach, facing the water. The second part starts when she dives into the sea just to be overwhelmed by the power of the waves. As she begins to drown, she invokes her inner peace (Soledad's theme) in order to tame the wild waters. Once tamed, the third section begins with Soledad's theme presented peacefully by a solo violin. The ocean then joins in and builds up, using Soledad's theme as its own, to an orchestral climax. It concludes with a calm ending as Soledad and the ocean make peace.












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